Sunday, June 30, 2013

GPS Tracking - Realtime Web Interface for GPS enabled phone

Problem: Do you find yourself in need of a way to track someone (your kids, your wife, your dog!) in real time?  Sort of like a live black box recorder.

New Product: A way to track any enabled phone by GPS real-time on the web.
Note: this site is in alpha and not currently available for purchase until I complete development and testing.  I plan to charge somewhere around $10/year (the cloud costs me $500+ per month) to upload/store/view data from my cloud.

Step 1: Install APP

Get the app and install it on your phone (only Android 2.2+ so far), configure capture and data parameters and enable it anytime.
TDB shortly on google play...

Step 2: Get ID

Get your individual GPS tracking-ID that is entered into the phone(s) allowing the data to be stored on the Oracle Cloud server in realtime.  This GPS tracking-ID is also used by anyone who you enable to view your GPS data in real time on the web.

Enter this ID into the configuration screen of your app.
GPS and other data will be sent in real-time to your cloud account on my server.

Step 3: View Live Data

I in the process of developing an HTML5 canvas oriented site but for now I will let Google Earth do the heavy UI lifting.
live or historical GPS data in either CSV, KML or custom HTML 5 (live) format.  The screen capture below is of the KML extract for Google Earth.
For example to get the KML for user 192 use the following URL then save as KML and double click to bring up in Google Earth.

Here also is a track I tested by attaching my phone to my arm and rollerblading a couple laps around downtown.  My top speed was near 40 Km/h, I also capture bearing and speed info and am working on  temp, pressure, acceleration, orientation and magnetic field capture.

select * from GPS_RECORD where userId=192 on