Friday, December 3, 2010

Altera Cyclone II, III, IV Development Kits

Altera Cyclone II FPGA evaluation board
This board is new and has almost every connection type available.

Altera Cyclone III - BeMicro Eval Kit - Arrow
This board is new and is essentially a closed hardware system with LED indicators for debugging.
I purchased this one at the same time as the (4-hour training + kit) based one below. So far I am half-way through the lab and it seems to be working fine.
This is the one in the photo on the Altera site - without ethernet

Altera Cyclone IV - BeMicro SDK Kit with Ethernet - Arrow
This kit comes used, but it includes an SD card slot and an ethernet connector (Which the eval kit above lacks)

I picked up my kit in person from an Arrow Inc. sales office. I will run this one through the same tutorial.

1) FTDI driver outdated - The Quartus II 9.1 software attempts to downgrade the FTDI driver that I also use for my Parallax Propeller boards. Keep backup copies of the original "newer" drivers around.
2) Driver signing - No Windows 7 64-bit support, Windows 7 32-bit drivers are unsigned - requiring an F8 boot.  I pulled up one of my old XP tablets to run the labs - the driver installed fine there.

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  1. Hi Mickael !

    I 've just installed Quartus II on Win 7 64bits and I've plugged Altera Cyclone IV - BeMicro SDK Kit : the kit has been successfully installed by providing drivers PATH (D:\altera\10.0\quartus\drivers in my case).

    Cheers !